Max Randal Music


Transcription Services

Max is currently accepting offers for transcription and arrangement projects. If you have a recording that you would like him to transcribe, contact him using this form. Please include a link to the audio file, and indicate whether you would like a piano reduction (preferred), full transcription, or arrangement for other instrumentation. Max will gladly work with you to customize the product to fit your ensemble and your own specific vision. After submitting a request, you will receive a reply with an estimated completion date and price (about $50 per minute of music, but negotiable based on the scope of the project). Payment will be accepted via Venmo.


Max developed this web app as a tool to reinforce understanding of the idea of heptachord shift, a theory of modulation from the Ploger Method. The app will prompt you to change one note at a time in a given scale and keep up as it performs the shifts one at a time. Play with the settings to customize the time delay and other aspects of the modulation.

Heptachord Shift Game